Monday, July 18, 2005

Summer Rain

We haven't had rain around here in weeks. Day after day, it's been "sunny, high near 90°." Except for yesterday, which was more like "sunny, high of 98°."

Things were getting to look mighty parched. Lawn was brown. Cornfield across the road from me was not looking so great.

Then last night, rain came from the west. I watched it online, on the weather radar. Now reaching Mason City... Now halfway over toward Decorah... Coming our way...

Oddly enough, when the rain finally got here, I slept right through it. This morning in my rain gauge out front, I find something over four tenths of an inch. We could use more, but I'll take what we got.

And this morning I have the windows in the house open, temperature of 73°. Through the windows I can hear the birds: "T-CHEEEK! Tzivitee, tzivitee, tzivitee, tzivitee, tzit!"

Always thought that was one of the coolest things about living out in the countryside— hearing all those birds singing out your window. "Cheep... cheep... cheep..." "T-CHEEEK! T-CHEEEK! Tzivitee, tzivitee, tzivitee, tzivitee, tzit!"


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