Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Morning

Well, here I am, after a weekend in which, due to the snowstorm, I basically had nothing to do. As contrasted with my usual busy weekends.

Apart from milk trucks and a bulldozer/snowplow type vehicle, there was virtually no traffic going by yesterday. I'm not convinced we got quite as much snow as was forecast. But we got quite enough. And I can see several snowdrifts around here which are at least waist deep. Add to that the ice from the freezing rain, and it's no wonder things came to a standstill this weekend.

I took advantage of this unexpected accession of free time to work on repairing and reconstructing a sofa cushion. Project I've been letting hang for almost six months now. Will work on it more, and probably get it finished, today. More on that when I get it done.

Meanwhile, there's no point in sitting at my computer any longer this morning, since my DSL connection is slow like molasses. Whether that's storm related, or whether it's just my small local mom 'n pop Internet Service Provider,, up to their usual malfunctional tricks, I have no idea.

Meanwhile, it's my day off, and it looks like time to get breakfast.


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