Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Yeah, tired this morning. Frazzled. So I'll leave you with a rerun, above, on our rustic way of life hereabouts.

BTW, let me know if those pictures don't load for you. I've been running into some curious behavior from my pictures since the older, obsolete DNS listings for my personal website (where most of the pictures on my blog are also hosted) were deleted. Like, six days later, every fourth or fifth random picture (varies with every reload) still won't load.

Update: I'm suspecting the problem with occasional random pictures not loading is on my end. Everything loads fine when I disconnect the Privoxy web proxy from my browser. Now, the next question: why should Privoxy object to every fourth or fifth randomly varying picture from my site, and from no other site? It doesn't filter or block them as per its usual mode of operation; they simply don't load.

And this problem never occurred until within the past week.


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