Saturday, December 02, 2006

The X-Files on DVD

The X-Files is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. You would not believe how I used to pace the floor back and forth, back and forth, counting down the minutes until that show would come on the air. Season premieres, I was keyed up all evening like an excited nut waiting for the show to begin, waiting for last season's cliffhanger to be resolved.

Nevertheless, I have so far put off buying The X-Files on DVD, under the general impression that they are hideously overpriced. Instead I have made do with a pile of old tapes, grainy and sometimes nigh indecipherable video signal, an incomplete grab bag of various X-Files episodes recorded years back off Channel 25 up in La Crosse. You know, "Fox 25," which would blow a gizmo in their transmitter and then limp along for months with a poor, snowy, grainy picture as they transmitted at reduced power until a replacement part arrived on a slow boat from China.

Well, last night my friend Greg sent me an email, letting me know that our favorite discount DVD site is holding a 2-for-1 sale on a whole pile of DVDs, including all nine seasons of The X-Files. I checked it out, and sure enough! So I went and ordered The X-Files, at an average cost of only $18.29 per season, and that's with season 1 of Millennium thrown in for free on top of it all.

Oh yeah, the discount site, that's DeepDiscountDVD. Sale runs till December 15.


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