Friday, June 29, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Well, the intolerable heat has broken around here the past day or so. Day after day with a high humidity and a high around 90°, and now yesterday I had the windows open in the house most of the day. This morning it's in the lower 60s.

Sounds like the Oven Mitt is in deep doo-doo over his "strapping the family dog to the car roof" adventure. (h/t: Deb)

First, I got a new board for Shogi, alias Japanese Chess. Now I'm zeroing in on possibilities for the game of Go. I'd love to purchase a Go board, slate and shell Go stones, wooden bowls to hold the stones.

But first, before I dare place an order online, my Internet Service Provider,, will have to clear up its latest weeks-long slowdown, DSL running slower than dialup, the simplest webpages taking a minute and more to load, frequent errors, " could not be found."

Penguin Caffeinated Mints.

Friday. Must remember to water the plants in my study. Friday is plant-watering day. Except for the cactus, which I water only once a month.

If you're a PayPal user... does it ever bother you how, when you log in and frequently thereafter, they keep bugging you to give them your bank account number? Or how they have a rep for freezing your entire bank account, sometimes for months on end, in event of a dispute? So far, I have not given them my bank account number. Nor am I likely to, any time this century.

Now listening online to ambient music— what I call vacuum cleaner music— on StillStream.

Time for another cup of coffee.


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