Thursday, June 07, 2007

Campaign Bombardment in Iowa

Ah, yes, the joys of living here in Iowa while the presidential election is still purner a year and a half away! I'll tell you, we've been subjected to campaign bombardment here for so long at this point that we're all just sort of stumbling around shellshocked.

I've heard so many radio ads for Mitt Romney that, every time one comes on, my eyes glaze over and I have visions of a giant waving oven mitt. Honestly, Romney has outweighed the rest several times over in the radio ads department.

Then there was the campaign worker who phoned me and tried to get me to attend some dinner for Tommy Thompson in Dubuque or Mason City or some other place which was not real convenient for those of us who live better than a two hour drive away.

And last night the phone rang again. A legitimate call? Not. A telemarketer? Not. Or, well, not exactly. I'm on the national Do Not Call list, but do you think the politicians would've passed that law without leaving a loophole for themselves? Yes, the phone rang, and it was a recorded message from none other than John McCain. He was mouthing platitudes which were obviously meant to appeal to his campaign's perception of the Iowa voter, and which were just as obviously... well, ummmm, platitudes.

Sorry, John, you're wasting your time. (And mine, but that's another issue.) At the moment my hopes are pinned on Fred Thompson.


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