Wednesday, June 06, 2007

GNOME Icon Themes

Last night I finally resolved one of the few remaining annoyances with my recent install of Mandriva Linux 2007. Namely, no matter which GNOME icon theme I chose, it would display a mixture of the chosen icon theme and the default GNOME icon theme. Some default icons, some icons from whichever other theme I'd chosen.

Not that I use the GNOME desktop, mind you. I use Fluxbox, with certain other elements borrowed from GNOME via the GNOME settings daemon.

And not that I have icons right on my desktop. My desktop has no icons on it— whaddaya think this is, Windows?! No, we're talking about icons in the Nautilus file manager. Nonspatial Nautilus, thank you.

Anyhow. Turns out the problem is, icon image files used to have names like gnome-mime-image-jpeg.svg. Well, now it's just image-jpeg.svg. And (par for the course) they didn't even tell anyone about it, just left us to dope it out for ourselves. Or stumble across it in this thread on

And now that I've clarified that...



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